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We select our suppliers

At Criollo Export, we pride ourselves on being the experts in finding the best suppliers of top-quality cocoa. We work tirelessly to ensure that each cocoa bean that reaches our hands meets the highest production standards.

We look for the best cocoa

Our rigorous protocols ensure that every step of the post-harvest process is carefully monitored. From harvesting and fermentation to drying and storage, we meticulously follow established quality standards to preserve the unique characteristics and exceptional flavors of fine aroma cocoa.

Quality is our priority

At Criollo Export, we understand that the quality of cocoa is essential to achieve exceptional final products. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that each batch of cocoa we receive meets our standards of excellence.

fine flavor cocoa

Discover the sweetness of criollo cocoa : a symphony of aroma and purity that delights your senses.

Sourcing and exporting of premium and specialty cacao from Colombia

Colombian cacao is classified as fine or flavor cocoa. This type of cocoa only represents between 6 and 8% of world production.

Each district has a climate diversity, a genetic quality, a historical and cultural heritage, and highlights different sensory profiles.


Latin American fine cocoa has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Previously, it used to be sold as one more raw material, without the chocolate industry differentiating between Latin American and African cocoa. However, the growing global demand for fine chocolates has opened up new opportunities and has prompted big brands to create lines […]

Cocoa in Colombia, recognized as ‘Fine Aroma Cocoa’, stands out for its unique qualities and its close relationship with our culture. This wonderful product is cultivated in various departments of the country, each bringing their own special touch to the production process. The production of cocoa in Colombia is an activity of great importance and […]

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